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  • Model includes 7.6kw -11.4KW with integrated appearance design
  • PV Input up to 15 KW
  • Wide battery input range compatible with various lithium batteries and lead acid. This inverter works with our High Voltage Soluna HV15 Lithium Ion Battery. 
  • Stylish appearance, convenient wiring
  • Low noise IP65 design, natural cooling, external fan-free design, improve the whole machine life
  • Battery reverse connection protection, charging and discharging are controlled by intelligent software to improve battery life.
  • Input and output lightning protection, PV arc detection
  • Discharge to full power when battery is full and disconnect charger automatically
  • Off grid full power output, transient 1.5 times overload, soft start mode, air conditioner, water pump and other loads included
  • Insulation detection, leakage battery, ground fault detection, island protection to prevent electric shock
  • Maximum efficiency up to 98.2%
  • 4 independent MPPT designs, making the most of light energy in various directions
  • Distributed Virtual Power Plant Management Node
  • Remote monitoring of computers and mobile phones
  • Villa Communication base station Remote area Farm Household Backup power

12 KW Hybrid Inverter

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    Need help or have a question we are ready to help and support questions from Installers and DIY customers alike. Please call 340 277 1642

  • Shipping option

    We can ship Via Tropical, Norma H, USPS, UPS, Priority Roro to any caribbean Island. 

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