• UL Listed
  • Effciency 20.5%
  • Size  82.5 x 41 x 1.4 Inches
  • Weight  51.26 Lbs
  • VOC/V  49.3v STC (150v max 2 panels per string 250v max 4 panels per string 500v max 9 panels per string These value are for Virgin Islands only )
  • Isc/A 10.78A (use a 15a fuse or breaker for the string. #12 THHN minimum branch curicuit wire if in conduit or #10 PV wire )
  • In Virgin Islands 445 w modules will produce 2.2 KWH per day on a yearly average. Consider 1.7 KWH for a more conservative system design.
  • Spec sheet PDF 
  • Consider this module where you dont have enough lenght to add a panel above a panel. Maximize the roof area by the highest possible watts. 
  • We recommend three rails per panel and do not recomend Landscape orientation, unless you can use 3 rails top to bottom. 

Longi 445 w Solar Panel LR4-72HPH-445