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The inverter can be programed to funcitions in different ways

Soluna S12 NA
has the following working modes for your home energy storage
Mode 1:
In daytime, PV power will charge the battery in priority, if battery is full, PV power is used to power the loads, then excess power sell to the grid.
2 : At nigh night time, Battery power the loads, if battery is not sufficient, grid will
Mode 3
: If grid malfunction or in no grid region, PV and battery can power the loads
4 : When the battery is low and PV power is unavailable. Grid can charge the
battery and at the same time, Grid will power the loads.
Mode 5
: Generator can charge the battery bank.
Mode 6
: If Time Of Use function is enabled, will ensure battery remaining po wer and
grid sell power is adjustable.
Mode 7:
UPS Function can ensure important loads still powered in case grid suddenly
fail down.


8 KW Inverter capacity

10 KW solar charging capacity

15 KW Lithium battery capacity


This is the worlds best Inverter system. 


Soluna 8KW Inverter with 15 KWH Lithium Battery

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