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Eco Innovations VI has secured 1 million dollars in funding for solar LOANS FOR the Virgin Islands. This is our first seed monies and we are looking to attract more investors to provide funding for this amazing technology to help us achieve energy independence

January 25th 2022 

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SOLAR PANELS: Today's solar panels have become highly efficient. We only use the LONGI super high efficiency laser cut half cell panels. Were our competitors are still selling 330 watt modules we are offering 380 watts in the same size frame. 

INVERTERS: The heart of the system is a good inverter. Soluna and a OEM inverter by Solargentech are our prime products. Hybrid inverters are capable of being programed to move energy from three different sources namely Solar/battery, Grid and Generator in perfect harmony. Intelligence in a single box. 

BATTERIES: Lithium batteries have come a long way providing secure safe power with a reasonable price. Intelligent Battery Monitors System (BMS) controls charging, discharging, and temperature down to each cell level. With over 6000 cycle life batteries are designed to last 15 years. Soluna, Pylontech offers one of the best battery products. For those nothing but only the best will do. 

Why Finance with us

We have combined advantages of a solar lease and solar financing in a single package

  • You choose your term length up to 10 years

  • You get to keep your tax credit

  • No early payoff penalty

  • Labor and parts warranty for the term of the loan

  • Early monthly payment discounts

  • Energy rate security no more price increases

  • Fewer if any power outages

  • Post Hurricane Power Source


Secure your financial  future control your energy costs.

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