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The best customer is an educated one. The more you know what you want is easier for us to provide you with it. We have dedicated this section of the website to show all possibilities using solar power. We hope you will find this educational and help you make the right choices. We have also tried to remove some of the myths associated with solar power and provided you with the fact.

DIY solar water heater.jpg


Does a timer on my water heater save energy consumption?

Should I build my own Solar Water heater system?

What are the advantages of a Solar water heater compared to PV systems?

How much does a Solar water heater cost?

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grid tied solar system.jpg


What is Kilo Watt Hour? and why should I know about it?

What is a Grid?

How many panels do I need?

Tell me everything I need to know about Grid tied solar system,,,

What are all the parts I need to complete a Grid tied Solar system?

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off grid system.jpg


What are some essential applications of Off Grid systems?

Why should I choose Off Grid system over utility company?

Tell me everything about batteries...

What are all the parts I need to complete a Off Grid system?

Off Grid system size calculator...

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